Comprehensive Testing & Regulatory Certifications

Comes standard with our new product development services. We also provide this service on an á la carte basis. We have the manpower, in-house equipment and experience to conduct almost any type of testing. We also have the infrastructure, business relationships & capability to earn many certifications both in the U.S.. or China. A partial list includes: UL, cUL, ETL, CSA, LIghting facts, DLC, EnergyStar, LM79, LM80 & Title 24.

Eran Testng


During testing, We develop standard operating procedures And quality standard for the manufacturing process. Initial parts are made and undergo Comprehensive Testing to ensure all Specifications and Quality Standards are met.

Eran Photometry


With extensive Photometric Equipment including an integrating sphere, Our Photometry laboratory is able to measure initial and maintain lumen output of both discrete light sources and complete fixtures. In Addition To This, We can accurately conduct pretesting for LM-79 and LM-80 Certification.

Eran Quality Certifications


Our technicians and engineers have the experience and equipment to test and certify many requirements for lighting / industrial products. They include but are not limited to precision tolerance testing, temperature and humidity testing, impact and explosion testing and a fast array of electrical testing in accordance with the NEC, OSHA and Underwriter Laboratories Standards.

Eran Corrosion Resistance


Coating integrity is in the forefront in many of our customers mind and to ensure we meet or exceed their expectations, we have a vast array of salt spray and ingress testing equipment. In addition to this, we have the appropriate equipment and testing chambers to accurately test such things as low pressure hose down and even submersible fixture applications.


To successfully market your product, you need to certify / comply with other agencies / guidelines. Things like NEC, LM79, LM80, DLC, Energy Star and Title 24 can make the difference between a commercial success or failure of a product. Let us help you get the needed certifications to make your products successful.