Logistic Services


Eran Industrial is truly international and conducts business in over 30 countries around the World.
With eight (8) warehouses in North America, we offer real-time vendor managed inventory (VMI) services throughout North America. We are constantly on the move, seeking new locations for logistic and customer convenience. We will even open warehouses close to your manufacturing locations, distribution outlets or close to your markets



More often than not, we can fill your lighting and industrial equipment manufacturing needs in one of our four vertically integrated company owned manufacturing facilities (750,000 square feet of floor space). However, you may have a need where it wold be better or more economical to source it from one of our many partners in Asia. We can take charge or assist you in design, engineering and regulatory certifications.


We will work with you to support your business with flexible and extensive financing option designed to help you grow. We offer real-time inventory solutions to support your growing needs. In addition to financing, we offer VMI and consignment options for your personalized program. We are much more than a manufacturer, our experience allows us to collaborate with you to identify unique financial solutions for your business. When you leverage our strengths, you can focus on your most important priorities – your customers and growing your business.

China Direct / Direct Containers

Full 20’ and 40’ containers are the mainstay of our business and are the most economical service we offer our customers. We have the connections and preferred rates you can benefit from. Less Container Load (LCL) is another way of doing business with us. With LCL shipment, you pay for your load to be shipped in a container with one or more loads from our oth- er customers, often reaping substantial cost savings. We are able to offer freight, insurance and in-land trucking directly to final destination and finance this for you according to the terms of your product purchase order.

Made to Order (MTO)

A hidden gem in financial benefits is MTO. The financial burden of customers individually mod- ifying our standard product can be staggering. Let us take this burden away from you! Available for qualifying product lines, we are able to offer stateside manufacturing and assembling op- tions. This program is ideal for companies that are able to forecast common “class A items”, and infrequent requests for “class B items” (i.e. adding a photocell or other mod). These can be made to order in our California UL facility. Drop shipping is available with this program.

Creative AR financing

Cash flow can’t keep up with your growth? It is a common story. We off numerous innovation Accounts Receivable financing programs designed to help with your positive cash flow. Our well qualified customer can often receive our shipment, distribute it, invoice, and collect on it well before our invoice becomes due. What more could a growing business ask for!

Just in Time Program (JIT)

So you want to take advantage of the manufacturing efficiency of a large run and the cost savings associated with this type of purchase... but don’t want to be invoiced for the product until it ships for Just-In-Time delivery? Then this is the program for you. Available for well qualified customer/partners, this program is ideal for growing companies who can’t or don’t want to invest their own cash flow into such benefits. It is offered on a 6 months term. Products are stored in Eran Industries owned warehouses and are shipped within 24 hours of order placement and only then an invoice is sent for what was released.

Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)

Let’s face it; there is a considerable hidden cost associated with proper inventory control and an even greater one if your customer orders a product and it is out of stock. Let us bare this cost, burden, and responsibility. With our Ven- dor Management Inventory (VMI) programs we offer our customers a means of optimizing Sup- ply Chain performance where we are responsi- ble for maintaining inventory levels to our your predefined specifications. This enables us to en- sure you maintain correct inventory levels, and make sure all your orders have stock availability. Overall, this allow you to concentrate on selling more product, knowing full well it will be avail- able when your customers orders it.