New Product Development

Eran Industrial is far more than a custom manufacturer. We provide complete turnkey new product development services for our customers. As our designers and engineers have been involved with our factories for many years they can often incorporate cost savings designs and processes to make the production of your custom product as economical as possible.

  • On design approval, our electrical, mechanical, process and photometric engineers become involved to ensure performance and all customer specifications are met. The updated drawings and schematics are sent to the customer for input and approval.
  • On final approval our manufacturing engineers take this to prototyping.
  • A prototype is made and evaluated by all of our engineers to ensure it meets both ours and our customers specifications and quality standards are met.
  • Often the prototype is forwarded to the customer for approval.
  • On approval the design is sent to our in-house tooling department for development.
  • During this period we begin initial work on obtaining UL and/or other certifications. We also develop standard operating
  • Initial parts are made and undergo comprehensive testing to ensure all specifications and quality standards are met. Final UL and/or other certification are  accomplished.
  • On approval production begins.