The Made To Order Program From ERAN

Let’s face it; 80-20 ratio always seems to stand the test of time. It might be easy to forecast 20% products, but, what about the 80% SKU of the products offered? That’s where our MTO program comes into play.

The solution to all your custom product requirement.

The MTO is a smart program designed to fulfill specific demands. The 80-20 ratio talks about how 80% sales come from the forecasted 20% products. The program then helps with the remaining 80% of SKUs which give 20% of sales. In detailed words, Eran MTO (Made-To-Order) is a program operated from UL approved Eran operated facilities located in California and New York, where lighting products are made-to-order and shipped within 2 weeks or less. The facilities stocks finished goods and components exclusively for Eran Industrial customers. The financial burden of customers individually modifying a standard product can be staggering. Therefore, we offer stateside manufacturing and assembling options to fulfill custom requests with Made in America status.

Advantages of our MTO Program.

This program is ideal for companies that are able to forecast common class ‘A’ items, and want help with custom requests for class ‘B, C, D’ items (i.e. adding a photocell or any other modification or customisation) as there are less common variations when it comes to ‘B, C, and D’ items. At Eran MTO, emergency battery packs, photocells and motion sensors are customized into Eran Industrial products at high-quality products factories, staffed with engineers and lighting production professionals with decades of specialized experience in ‘Made-to-Order’.

How the program works:

Provide a 6-month expectation for items ‘B, C or D’

Step 1
  • After which, an initial purchase order of x container of item ‘A’ is placed.

  • After the container of item ‘A’ arrives at the customer’s warehouse, components for MTO and replacement arrive in California.

Step 2
  • The customer, in turn, places an order to an Eran China associate.

  • China office processes the order within 24 hours and then sends a confirmation back to the customer.

  • The order is processed by Eran MTO when the P.O. is confirmed. (9 days max of assembly lead time, while 10 business days of Quickship Program Requirement.

Step 3
  • When the P.O. is ready for shipment, Eran MTO sends a notification to the Eran associate in China.

  • The Dedicated contact support team will confirm ship or drop-ship location with the customer.

  • Eran China will provide the final packing slip(s) to Eran MTO.

  • Eran MTO will then provide BOL/ Shipping documents for records and Eran sends the documents on to the customer.

Apart from supplying China Direct Containers, there are couple more advantages to the MTO program:

Find out how our MTO program can work for your business.

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