Director of Sales Operations

The function of the Director of Sales Operations is to use their intimate knowledge of technology, programming, and IT best practices to be the architect of a new technology driven “operations machine” that flawlessly performs all company operations, procedures, and processes, from the moment a customer requests a quote to the successful on-time delivery and profitable invoicing of the finished product to our customers, or our customer’s’ customers. Successfully oversee the multinational operations of a large manufacturer of electrical products with existing systems as you transition to your improved system.

The Eran Group is growing again.  

We are a highly reputable privately owned, US-based contract, and private label manufacturer with superior ODM capabilities and a wide range of open stock products. We have multiple global manufacturing and engineering facilities that serve North American lighting and electrical OEMs large “Box store” retailers, online sales to both B2B and B2C sales channels. We currently have over 100 B2B customers including all the Tier 1 lighting OEMs in the North American lighting market. In addition, we serve a tremendous volume of consumer sales via online channels. We have tremendous design and manufacturing capabilities and routinely design, engineer, manufacture, private label, and ship open-stock and proprietary products to our numerous North American warehouses, as well as provide Vendor Managed Inventory and other financial programs for product development and distribution for our customer base. Our company is extremely customer and sales driven and all operations are geared to successfully serving our wide customer base. We typically have 10-20 new product projects in various stages of development at any time.


You are a seasoned operations guru with at least 20-years experience in operations management
You love technology and thrive on developing programs and/or implementing IT driven systems that save time, money and increase efficiency
You feel there should be a picture of you in the dictionary when you look up the word “self-initiative”
You understand that sales drive a company and are well acquainted with improving operations that increase customer satisfaction and top line revenue
You expect and demand a well-oiled back-end operations support team and know how to train employees to be that cohesive team of operations professionals
You are analytical and base your decisions on data, not assumptions
You are very technical and understand the latest in operations software and cutting-edge processes and procedures
You may have a computer science degree or at least 5-years of solid IT/programming experience in developing operations and/or business systems
You may have an MBA degree or at least 10-years of senior management experience
You are proficient in researching a technology-based solution to achieve a desired result
Your true love is using your computer/IT skills to steer operational efficiencies, setting the “Gold Standard” for operational costs in any industry
You, when asked for your strongest trait, would not hesitate to respond, “I can review any operational procedure and come up with a better technology-based solution”

CUSTOMER FOCUS: People with an infectious spirit who are passionate about our products, our customers, and winning.
COLLABORATIVE: Team first approach. Collaborate up/down/across the organization with a spirit of winning together. Strong integrator bringing people together for a common goal by building skills and relationships.
CULTIVATE INNOVATION: People who are inspired by innovation, creativity, and breakthrough thinking that challenges the conventional and fosters new ideas.
ENSURE ACCOUNTABILITY: Self-motivated leaders that drive business priorities and thrive in a competitive, fast-paced environment. Relentless focus on delivering results and tenacity to get it done with a sense of urgency.
RESILIENT: Leaders that are agile, courageous, and push through conflict for speed to action. People that thrive under pressure, take risks, deliver solutions, and lead improvement.
DATA-DRIVEN DECISION-MAKER: Ability to scan the environment, remove barriers, recommend solutions, and leverage sound business judgment and analytics to make sound decisions.
DRIVE ENGAGEMENT: People who can inspire others to take action through authentic leadership, passion, and commitment to winning. Committed to coaching, challenging, and developing others. Great at the “What” and the “How.”

Experienced Computer Programmer: Though you may not be doing the programing yourself, you have a strong background in programming business solutions and can oversee and supervise computer programmers and IT professionals to build a successful technology driven “operations machine.” This is non-negotiable. If you do not have an extremely strong IT/Programming experience, please do not apply.
Operations Systems Expert: You are well versed in commercially available programs/software designed to perform: Quoting, Order processing, Procurement, Logistics, Warehousing, Transportation, Inventory control, Manufacturing, Quality control and Accounting. You should be able to determine if in-house development or buying open market programs/ systems makes the most economic sense.
Direct Operations Management Experience: Your experience includes, but is not limited to, managing quoting, order processing, invoicing, procurement, logistics, warehousing, international and North American transportation, inventory, inventory control, vendor negotiations, costing, manufacturing, quality control, complex reporting, accounting, and syncing with accounting systems, as it pertains to the operations you oversee.
SOP, Processes and Procedures Creation: You have direct experience in creating, documenting, implementing, and enforcing technology-driven Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for both manual and automated processes and procedures.
Cost Reduction Driver: You have direct experience in evaluating current and proposed processes and procedures and developing & implementing more cost-effective solutions

Extremely competitive compensation based on experience and what you can bring to the table.

Interested candidates should send their resume and cover letter to: